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ASE JV/HS Tournament of Champions Centennial HS Field Burleson July 30-31 Baseball

ASE East Texas World Series!! Player Evaluation on Friday Morning!! Baseball

SFA East Texas State Tournament Baseball

LeTourneau University Showcase Baseball

PEB Burleson Centennial High School Field 14U July 16-17 RINGS TOURNAMENT Baseball

Tyler Tourney Baseball

ASE 'D2 WORLD SERIES' 'RINGS' Waco July 8-10 Baseball

ASE 'WORLD SERIES' 'RINGS' Arlington June 30-July 3 Baseball

SFA Showcase and Evaluation Camp! Baseball

ASE 'State Tournament ''Rings' Waco June 24-26 Baseball

ASE 'D2 State Tournament 6-14U' 'RINGS!' Waxhachie June 18-19 Baseball

Tyler Showcase and Friday Camp! Baseball

LeTourneau College Showcase Baseball

PEB 'STATE TOURNAMENT' 'RINGS' June 11-12 Baseball

ASE Waco June 10-12 Baseball

ASE Burleson Centennial High School! 14U June 11-12 Baseball

ASE Waco June 3-5 Baseball

PEB 'STATE TOURNAMENT' 'RINGS' Arlington June 4-5 Baseball

Summer Kick Off in Tyler and surrrounding areas Baseball

PEB Crowley May 28-29 Baseball

ASE at Franklin Ranch May 28-29 Baseball

Tyler May Madness Kick Off! Baseball

14u May Showdown Baseball

PEB 'D2 Only' Franklin May 21-22 Baseball

ASE Randol Mill Arlington May 21-22 Baseball

ASE Waco May 20-22 Baseball

ASEFP Moneyball Waxahachie May 14-15 Softball - Fastpitch

PEB Randol Mill Arlington/Waxahachie Sports Complex May 14-15 Baseball

ASE 'D2 Only' Cleburne May 14-15 Baseball

ASE Waxahachie May 7-8 Baseball

ASE Waco May 7-8 Baseball

14u Battle of the Beast! Baseball

PEB Cleburne April 30-May 1 Baseball

ASE Waco April 30-May 1 Baseball

ASE Randol Mill Arlington April 23-24 Baseball

PEB Waxahachie April 16-17 Baseball

ASE Franklin April 16-17 Baseball

ASE 'D2 ONLY' Waco April 15-17 Baseball

PEB 'D2 Only' Randol Mill Arlington April 9-10 Baseball

ASE Cleburne April 9-10 Baseball

PEB Complete Emergency Care Classic Benbrook April 2-3 Baseball

ASE Waco April 2-3 Baseball

ASE Franklin April 2-3 Baseball

ASE Saturday Only Randol Mill Arlington March 26 Baseball

PEB Waxahachie March 19-20 Baseball

PEB March Madness Mansfield Big League Field of Dreams March 19-20 Baseball

PEB Benbrook March 12-13 Baseball

ASE Waco March 11-13 Baseball

PEB Randol Mill Arlington March 5-6 Baseball

ASE 'D2 Only' Cleburne March 5-6 Baseball

ASEFP Arlington, TX- 4GG (B Class- Moneyball) Softball - Fastpitch

PEB Benbrook February 27-28 Baseball

ASE Fall State Tournament Waco, TX. November 21-22 Baseball

PEB State Cleburne Rescheduled from November 7-8 Baseball

ASEFP Cleburne November 7-8 Softball - Fastpitch

PEB State Cleburne November 7-8 Baseball

ASE Tyler Halloween Classic October 31- November 1 Baseball

ASE Randol Mill Park Arlington October 31-November 1 Baseball

PEB 'King of the Hill'Centennial High School Burleson October 31-November 1 Baseball

ASE Tyler High School Classic October 24-25 Baseball

PEB Complete Emergency Care Breast Cancer Benbrook Oct 24-25 Baseball

ASE Waco, TX. October 24-25 Baseball

PEB 'Warrior Classic' Waxahachie, TX. October 17-18 Baseball

ASE Cleburne October 17-18 Baseball

ASE Randol Mill Park Arlington October 10-11 Baseball

ASE Waco, TX. October 10-11 Baseball

ASE Franklin October 3-4 Baseball

PEB Benbrook September 26-27 Baseball

PEB Centennial High School Burleson September 26-27 Baseball

ASE Randol Mill Park Arlington September 26-27 Baseball

ASE Tyler High School Showdown September 19-20 Baseball

ASE Waco Septmber 19 Saturday ONLY Baseball

ASE Tyler Fall Showcase Sept 12-13 Baseball

PEB Randol Mill Park Arlington September 12-13 Baseball

ASE Waco, TX. September 12-13 Baseball

PEB Fall Wednesday League Baseball

PEB Fall Sunday DH League Baseball

ASE Tyler Labor Day High School Classic August 29-30 Baseball

ASE First Annual Jordan Casey Wright Foundation Tournament August 1-2 Baseball

PEB World Series Even Ages Benbrook, TX. July 24-26 Baseball

PEB World Series Odd Ages Cleburne July 25-26 Baseball

ASE UT Tyler Showcase July 18-19 Baseball

ASE Tournament of Champions Cleburne, TX. / RINGS TOURNAMENT Baseball

ASE Tyler July 11-12 Baseball

PEB Arlington July 11-12 Baseball

ASE World Series Waco, TX. / RINGS TOURNAMENT Baseball

ASE Elite Lone Star Showdown at Tyler Baseball

PEB White Settlement June 27-28 Baseball

ASE State Waco, TX. June 27-28 Baseball

ASE Tyler College Showcase June 20-21 Baseball

ASE Granbury June 20-21 Baseball

PEB Tournament of Champions Benbrook, TX. June 20-21 Baseball

ASE Waco, TX June 20-21 Baseball

PEB White Settlement June 13-14 Baseball

PEB CLIFTON June 13-14 Baseball

PEB End of Season League Tournament Baseball

ASE Tyler High School June 6-7 Baseball

PEB State 6U, 9U & 11U Benbrook June 6-7 Baseball

PEB FT. Worth YMCA Sports Complex June 6-7 Baseball

PEB State 13U Division Waxahachie June 6-7 Baseball

ASE Waxahachie, TX. June 6-7 Baseball

PEB Even Ages State Tournament Waco May 30-31 Baseball

ASE Franklin, TX. May 30-31 Baseball

PEB Crowley, TX. May 23-24 Baseball

ASE Franklin, TX. May 23-24 Baseball

PEB Cleburne May 16-17 Baseball

ASE Waco, TX. May 15-17 Baseball

PEB Benbrook, TX. May 9-10 Baseball

ASE Waxahachie, TX May 9-10 Baseball

ASE Franklin, TX. May 9-10 Baseball

PEB Haltom City NEO Complex May 2-3 Baseball

PEB Arlington Shootout! May 2-3 Baseball

PEB Crowley, TX. May 2-3 Baseball

ASE Waco, TX May 2-3 Baseball

PEB Benbrook, TX. April 25-26 Baseball

ASE Waco, TX. April 24-26 Baseball

ASE Franklin, TX. April 25-26 Baseball

PEB Granbury April 18-19 Baseball

PEB Waxahachie, TX. April 18-19 Baseball

PEB Northeast Optimist (NEO) Fort Worth, TX April 18-19 Baseball

ASE Cleburne April 18-19 Baseball

ASE Franklin, TX. April 18-19 Baseball

PEB Crowley, TX. April 11-12 Baseball

ASE Waco, TX. April 10-12 Baseball

ASE Brenham, TX. April 11-12 Baseball

PEB Cleburne March 28-29 Baseball

ASE Franklin, TX. March 28-29 Baseball

PEB Benbrook, TX. March 21-22 Baseball

ASE Franklin, TX. March 21-22 Baseball

ASE Waco, TX. March 13-15 Baseball

ASE Clifton, TX. March 7-8 Baseball

ASE Franklin, TX. February 21-22 Baseball

ASE/PEB Winter World Series December 13-14 Baseball

ASE Fall State Waco November 22-23 Canceled due to Forecast Baseball

PEB Wednesday League Playoff Nov 5 Baseball

PEB Harvest House Charity Challenge V Burleson November 15th Baseball

ASEFP Harvest House Charity Challenge V Burleson Nov 14-15 Softball - Fastpitch

ASE Waco November 15-16 Baseball

ASE Franklin November 8-9 Baseball

PEB Fall State Burleson Nov 1-2 Baseball

ASE Franklin October 25-26 Baseball

PEB Boo Bash Burleson October 18-19 Baseball

ASE Waco October 18-19 Baseball

ASEFP Black Magic Waxahachie October 18-19 Softball - Fastpitch

PEB Brian Jennings Memorial Tournament Burleson Oct 11-12 Baseball

ASE Waco October 4-5 Baseball

ASEFP September Smash Burleson Sept 27-28 Softball - Fastpitch

ASE Burleson Sept 27-28 Baseball

ASE Waco Sept 27-28 Baseball

ASEFP Turn Two Waxahachie, TX Sept 20-21 Softball - Fastpitch

ASE Franklin, Sept 20-21 Baseball

ASE Clifton, Sept 20-21 Baseball

PEB Burleson's Fall Ball Opener, Sept 13-14 Baseball

ASEFP Burleson, Sept 13-14 Softball - Fastpitch

ASE Waco, Sept 13-14 Baseball

ASE Tyler Sept 6-7 Baseball

ASE Franklin Sept 6-7 Baseball

ASE Waxahachie Sept 6-7 Baseball

PEB Sunday League Baseball

ASE Tyler August 23-24 Baseball

ASE Waco's Fall Ball Opener August 23-24 Baseball

ASE Tyler Showcase August 16-17 Baseball

ASE/PEB World Series Burleson Aug 8-10 Baseball

ASE World Series July 31 - Aug 3 Shreveport/Bossier, LA. Baseball

ASE Tyler July 26-27 Baseball

PEB Commerce July 25-27 Baseball

ASE Granbury July 19-20 Baseball

PEB Cleburne July 19-20 Baseball

ASE Tyler July 19-20 Baseball

ASE Longview July 12-13 Baseball

ASE Tournament of Champions Burleson July 12-13 Baseball

ASE Tournament of Champions Waxahachie July 12-13 Baseball

ASE Tournament of Champions Waco July 12-13 Baseball

ASEFP Burleson, July 12-13 Softball - Fastpitch

PEB Granbury, July 5-6 Baseball

ASE Tyler, July 5-6 Baseball

ASE Mineola June 28-29 Baseball

PEB World Series Warm Up White Settlement June 28-29 Baseball

ASE State Waxahachie June 28-29 Baseball

ASE State Waco June 28-29 Baseball

ASEFP June 28-29 Richardson Softball - Fastpitch

PEB Burleson TOC June 21-22 Baseball

ASE Longview June 21-22 Baseball

PEB Waxahachie June 14-15 Baseball

ASE Burleson June 14-15 Baseball

ASE Franklin, June 14-15 Baseball

ASE Tyler, June 14-15 Baseball

ASE Athens June 8 Baseball

PEB Granbury June 7-8 Baseball

ASE Tyler June 7-8 Baseball

ASE Waco June 7-8 Baseball

PEB State Tournament Burleson May 31-June 1 Baseball

ASE Franklin May 31-June 1 Baseball

ASE Lewisville May 31-June 1 Baseball

PEB League Play Offs Baseball

PEB Granbury May 24-25 Baseball

ASE East Texas State Tyler May 24-25 Baseball

PEB Benbrook May 24-25 Baseball

PEB Fort Worth YMCA May 24-25 Baseball

ASE Waco May 24-15 Baseball

ASE Franklin May 24-25 Baseball

PEB Burleson May 17-18 Baseball

ASE Waco May 17-18 Baseball

ASE Waxahachie May 17-18 Baseball

ASE Franklin May 17-18 Baseball

ASE San Marcos May 10-11 Baseball

PEB Benbrook May 10-11 Baseball

ASE Burleson May 10-11 Baseball

ASE Bastrop May 3-4 Baseball

PEB Fort Worth YMCA May 3-4 Baseball

PEB Crowley May 3-4 Baseball

ASE Clifton May 3-4 Baseball

ASE Dripping Springs April 26-27 Baseball

PEB Burleson April 26-27 Baseball

ASE Franklin April 26-27 Baseball

ASE Waco April 26-27 Baseball

ASE April Shootout San Marcos, April 19th Baseball

PEB YMCA Fort Worth, April 19th Baseball

ASE Tyler, April 12-13 Baseball

PEB Burleson, April 12-13 Baseball

ASE Franklin, April 12 Baseball

ASE Waco, April 12-13 Baseball

ASE Double Play Classsic Dripping Springs, April 5-6 Baseball

PEB Crowley, April 5-6 Baseball

ASEFP Burleson, March 29-30 Softball - Fastpitch

PEB Burleson, March 29-30 Baseball

ASE Waco, March 29-30 Baseball

ASE "Rick Miller Memorial Tournament" Allen, March Baseball

PEB Benbrook, March 22-23 Baseball

ASE Franklin, March 22-23 Baseball

ASE Burleson, March 22-23 Baseball

ASE San Marcos, March 15-16 Baseball

ASE Granbury, March 15-16 Baseball

PEB Waxahachie, March 15-16 Baseball

ASEFP Waxahachie, March 15-16 Softball - Fastpitch

ASE Waco, March 15-16 Baseball

ASE NCFD San Marcos, March 8-9 Baseball

ASE Desoto, March 8-9 Baseball

PEB YMCA Fort Worth, March 8-9 Baseball

ASE Dripping Springs, March 1-2 Baseball

PEB Waxahachie, March 1-2 Baseball

ASE Waco, March 1-2 Baseball

PEB Crowley, TX Feb 22-23 Baseball

ASE Dust Off The Rust NCFD San Marcos, TX Feb 15-16 Baseball