9th Grade Boys

Jr. Jazz Session 2-Winter 2017  -  Basketball - Youth
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Please DO NOT arrive earlier than 10 minutes before your game time.
Please keep all emergency lanes clear at all times, do not park in handicap parking unless authorized.
Anyone with unsportsmanlike conduct is not welcome and will be asked to leave.
Only the top four teams in each grade will advance to the end of season single elimination tournament.
Regular Season Standings
1 Troublemakers 8801.000
2 Alien Higgs 8620.7501
3 BJH Screaming Eagles 8620.7502
4 Flying Hogs 8530.625
5 Dribble Drive 8350.375
6 Buzzer Beaters 8260.2501
7 Salamanders 8260.2502
8 Pick N' Rollers 8080.000
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-Head

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