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2018 Session 2 Adult Volleyball Tuesday Women's 1/2

2018 Session 2 Adult Volleyball  -  Volleyball - Adult
Thank you for playing with Shawnee County Parks and Recreation.  Remember that all league information such as schedules, updates, reschedules, league rules, Sportsmanship Emphasis and upcoming events are location on our website www.quickscores.com/snco.  Please read and understand the Sportsmanship Emphasis and Adult Volleyball rules before participating in your first game.  In accordance with County Code, No Alcohol is allowed on Shawnee County Property.
The Athletics Hotline number is 251-4938 and is updated daiy at 4:30 pm. Our Play/No Play notifications will also be sent out to the coaches and teammates on Quickscores.  Remember Lock It. Remove It or Lose It. 
Regular Season Standings
1 That's What She Set 24120.0
2 Victorious 23131.0
3 Good Times 18186.0
4 Notorious D.I.G. 72917.0
GB = Games Back

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