10U Jack O'Lantern Slam

2017 Events  -  Softball - Fastpitch
Weather Update: 10/27/17  4pm
For the safety of the girls we will be delaying the start time to allow temps to at least get out of the 30's.  Games will start at 10am. Online schedules will be adjusted soon.
Weather Update: 10/27/17 5:30pm
Schedules have been updated.  Pool games are 60 minutes, finish the batter.  Score does not revert back. Score is what it is at the end of the 60 minutes so choose wisely on the coin flip.  Bracket games are still 75 minutes, finish the inning.
Pool Play Standings
A Fort Worth Batbusters - Heffington 3001.0002.33
A Texas Reign - Red River 2100.6674.33
A Waco Heat 1200.3333.00
A Texas Glory Adkins - Eldrigde 0300.0005.33
B NTX Lonestars 2010.83312.00
B Olympians 2024 2010.83312.33
B Glory Adkins - Maldonado 1200.3336.33
B DnD Dynasty 0300.0004.00
C NTX Vipers '07 3001.0001.33
C TX Elite Black 10U - Robinson 2100.6671.67
C Texas Savage - Miller 1200.3336.00
C Midlothian Storm Chasers 0300.00010.33
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-HeadARA = Average Runs Allowed

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