12U Spring Fever Slam - Group 1

2017 Events  -  Softball - Fastpitch
3/23/17 - 9pm
I will post any rain/field condition updates here. Hopefully the system will move through quickly and not effect us at all.  I will be depending on the various parks departments to give me updates.  If I do not have anything posted here then I do not have any news to relay.  Thanks for your patience.
3/24/17 - 3:30pm
Group 1 in Mesquite: Due to a high school game rainout tonight they must use one of our fields tomorrow.  We will have to modify format a little.  Games will start at 7:30am and you will only play your first 2 scheduled pool games.  That will seed you for bracket, which will start at 1pm and take place on only 3 fields for the rest of the day.
Pool Play Standings
A 12U Angels Elite -DFW 201.000
A EPIC Softball 110.5001
A Waco Heat '05 110.5002
A Texas Glory 2k5 020.000
B North Texas Blaze 201.000
B Lady Strikers 110.5001
B Havoc 110.5002
B '05 Lights Out 020.000
C Texas Elite - Black 201.000
C Grapevine Storm - Himes 110.5001
C Hard Knocks 110.5002
C Garland Lady Bombers 12U 020.000
D CenTex Buzz - Boehme 201.000
D Showtime CTX - McDonald 110.5001
D Firecrackers 2023 110.5002
D TCA 12U 020.000
PCT = Winning PercentageHTH = Head-To-Head

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