Tuesday Adult Racquetball - Upper Rec

Spring 2018  -  Racquetball
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Town of Erie Parks & Recreation

Have Fun - Play Hard - Respect One Another

Contact Levi Moser, Recreation Coordinator - Sports, with league compliments, questions, or concerns almoser@erieco.gov 

BE COURTEOUS!  Please notify your partner and Levi at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot make your scheduled match.    

 The Game:


-Players:  Matches will be played by two players (singles).


-Location:  Matches will be played on Court #2 at the Erie Community Center.


-Game Score:  A game is won by the side first scoring 15 points.  Points are scored only by the serving side when it serves an ace or wins a rally.


-Match Score:  A match consists of the best two out of three games.  If each player wins one game, the third game is played to 11. All scores should be reported to Levi via email 24 hours after your match; the winning player is responsible for reporting.


- Start of Match: The home player (listed first) shall serve to begin the first and the if necessary third game. The away player (listed second) will serve to begin the second game.

-Replay of Point:  Any foreign object entering the court or any other outside interference causes play to stop and the point is replayed.


-Continuity of Play:  Play shall be continuous from the first serve of each game until the game is concluded. However, each player, either serving or receiving, may request a time-out between rallies not to exceed thirty seconds.  No more than three time-outs per game shall be allowed each player. Deliberate delay shall result in a point or side-out against the offender.


-Playoffs: The season will conclude with a single elimination playoff.


-Forfeits: Forfeited matches will be scored 15-0, 15-0 & 11-0.  If a player or both players are not ready to start at their schedules match time, that player (or both) players will be granted a 10-minute grace period.  At the end of the 10-minute grace period a forfeit will be declared.

 Equipment & Safety:


-Balls: Are provided by the Erie Community Center and available at Guest Service (please return them when you're done).


-Broken Ball:  If a ball breaks during play the point is replayed.
-Wet Ball: On the service and during play, the ball and the racquet must be dry.

-Safety: Eye goggles are required (protective equipment is strongly recommended). The safety strap must be around the wrist at all times.  The racquet may not be switched from one hand to the other.


-Injuries:  Play may be suspended for up to 15 minutes for an injury.  If the injured player is unable to continue the match is forfeited.  If the match is resumed and must then be stopped again for the same player the match is forfeited.The league is self-officiated by players and unnecessary roughness and disrespectful behavior is strictly prohibited.


Additional points of emphasis: safety, sportsmanship, recreation and fair play.

Regular Season Standings
Tim Meyer 6010.929
Luke Johnson 5200.714
Art Vertun 5200.714
Gary Single 4300.571
Daniel Single 3400.429
Jeremy Cary 2410.357
Michael Brockmeyer 2500.286
Roy Wirthlin 0700.000
PCT = Winning Percentage

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