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Fri 7/21/17McIntire Field 16:00 PMCCSL Omega DivisionSoftballChurch of the Incarnation - All Saints Anglican Church 
Fri 7/21/17McIntire Field 17:00 PMCCSL Omega DivisionSoftballAll Saints Anglican Church - Westminister Presbyterian Church 
Fri 7/21/17McIntire Field 18:00 PMCCSL Omega DivisionSoftballWestminister Presbyterian Church - Abundant Life Ministries 
Fri 7/21/17McIntire Field 19:00 PMCCSL Omega DivisionSoftballAbundant Life Ministries - Jefferson Park Baptist Church 
Fri 7/21/17McIntire Field 26:00 PMCCSL Alpha DivisionSoftballNortonsville Church of God - Northside Baptist Church 
Fri 7/21/17McIntire Field 27:00 PMCCSL Alpha DivisionSoftballFellowship Baptist - Northridge Community Church 
Fri 7/21/17McIntire Field 28:00 PMCCSL Alpha DivisionSoftballFirst United Methodist Church - Fellowship Baptist 
Fri 7/21/17McIntire Field 29:00 PMCCSL Alpha DivisionSoftballTrinity Presbyterian - First United Methodist Church