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Mon 10/22/18Dellinger Football Field6:00 PM8u Cartersville/Bartow Gold BracketFootballGame 1: #1 Seed- Cartersville White - #4 Seed-Bartow Colts 
Mon 10/22/18Dellinger Football Field7:15 PM8u Cartersville/Bartow Gold BracketFootballGame 2: #2 Seed-Bartow Tigers - #3 Seed-Cartersville Purple 
Mon 10/22/18Dellinger Park Field #26:00 PM2018 8 and Under Flag FootballFlag Football - YouthGold Hurricanes - White Hurricanes 
Mon 10/22/18Dellinger Park Field #27:00 PM2018 8 and Under Flag FootballFlag Football - YouthBlack Hurricanes - Bartow Falcons 
Mon 10/22/18Dellinger Park Field 58:00 PMAdult SoftballSoftball - AdultTrinity Railheads - Morgan Body Builders 
Mon 10/22/18Dellinger Park Field 59:00 PMAdult SoftballSoftball - AdultChurch at Liberty Square - All Weather 
Mon 10/22/18Dellinger Park Field 68:00 PMAdult SoftballSoftball - AdultPaw Paw's Boys - Lake Point Church 
Mon 10/22/18Dellinger Park Field 69:00 PMAdult SoftballSoftball - AdultTrinity Railheads - Nitto 
Mon 10/22/18Hamilton Crossing Football Field6:00 PM8u Cartersville/Bartow Silver BracketFootballGame 1: #5 Seed-Cartersville Gold - #8 Seed- Bartow Steelers 
Mon 10/22/18Hamilton Crossing Football Field7:15 PM8u Cartersville/Bartow Silver BracketFootballGame 2: #7 Seed- Bartow Falcons - #6 Seed-Bartow Cowboys 
Mon 10/22/18OCH Baseball Field6:00 PM2018 8 and Under Flag FootballFlag Football - YouthBartow Packers - Neon Hurricanes 
Mon 10/22/18Old Cass High Football Field6:00 PM10u Cartersville/Bartow Gold BracketFootballGame 2: #2 Seed-Cartersville Silver - #3 Seed-Cartersville Purple 
Mon 10/22/18Old Cass High Football Field7:15 PM10u Cartersville/Bartow Gold BracketFootballGame 1: #1 Seed-Cartersville White - #4 Seed- Bartow Tigers