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Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Hughes 7th A8:00 AM9U BoysBasketballBrowder B9 - WILDCATS - McDonald B9 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Hughes 7th A9:00 AM9U BoysBasketballSwaringen B9 - Trull B9 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Hughes 7th A10:00 AM9U GirlsBasketballLady Panthers - Reyes G 8/9 - Andrew G 8/9 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Hughes 7th A11:00 AM9U GirlsBasketballAndrew G 8/9 - Majerus G 8/9 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Hughes 7th A12:00 PM18U BoysBasketballReyes 18U - Bustillos 18U 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Hughes 7th A1:00 PM18U BoysBasketballKvalheim 18U - Bustillos 18U 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Hughes 7th A2:00 PM3rd Grade BoysBasketball - TravelBall Hogz- Bosquez - Granbury- Rice 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Hughes 7th A3:00 PM3rd Grade GirlsBasketball - TravelWild Child- Seeton - Joshua- Loya 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Hughes 7th A4:00 PM4th Grade BoysBasketball - TravelChargers- Moore - Cleburne Yellow Jackets- Phillips 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Hughes 7th A5:00 PM4th Grade BoysBasketball - TravelTexas Edge Smith - Dragons- Moore 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Hughes 7th A6:00 PM3rd Grade BoysBasketball - TravelThe Force- Yocum - Dr. J's- Tuggle 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Hughes 8th8:00 AM12U BoysBasketballSavala B12 - Hall B12 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Hughes 8th9:00 AM12U BoysBasketballRedman B12 - Bustillos B12 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Hughes 8th10:00 AM12U BoysBasketballFloyd B12 - Lopez B12 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Hughes 8th11:00 AM12U BoysBasketballNicklen B12 - Floyd B12 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Hughes 8th12:00 PM12U BoysBasketballNicklen B12 - Fritz B12 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Hughes 8th1:00 PM18U BoysBasketballHall 18U - Reyes 18U 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Hughes 8th2:00 PM18U BoysBasketballGladiators - Lambrecht 18U - Blackout - McWhirter 18U 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Hughes 8th3:00 PM5th Grade BoysBasketball - TravelWaiver Wire- Irwin - Granbury- Hughels 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Hughes 8th4:00 PM6th Grade BoysBasketball - TravelBurleson Bullets- Briscoe - Granbury- Colston 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Kerr Pit8:00 AM10U BoysBasketballFlash - Peacock B10 - Thunder - McCrory B10 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Kerr Pit9:00 AM10U BoysBasketballThunder - McCrory B10 - Buckeyes - Bonar B10 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Kerr Pit10:00 AM10U BoysBasketballRush - Reyes B10 - Pruitt B10 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Kerr Pit11:00 AM12U GirlsBasketballWildcats -Vera G12 - Medlin G12 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Kerr Pit12:00 PM12U GirlsBasketballMoore G12 - Lady Knights -Reed G12 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Kerr Pit1:00 PM5th Grade GirlsBasketball - TravelWild Child- Seeton - Granbury- Long 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Kerr Pit2:00 PM6th Grade BoysBasketball - TravelThe Force- Yocum - Godley- Ponce 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Kerr Pit3:00 PM6th Grade BoysBasketball - TravelTolar Rattlers- Michels - NTX Elite- Polasek 
Sat 12/2/17Burleson - Kerr Pit4:00 PM6th Grade BoysBasketball - TravelSpartans- Redman - Knights- Reed 
Sat 12/2/17Cleburne - Smith Middle School3:00 PM3rd Grade BoysBasketball - TravelCleburne Yellow Jackets- White - Dynasty- Torres 
Sat 12/2/17Cleburne - Smith Middle School4:00 PM4th Grade GirlsBasketball - TravelCleburne Yellow Jackets- Ellison - Burleson Bolt- Stanley 
Sat 12/2/17Cleburne - Smith Middle School5:00 PM5th Grade BoysBasketball - TravelCleburen Yellow Jackets- Hunt - Burleson Knights- Darnell 
Sat 12/2/17Cleburne - Smith Middle School6:00 PM6th Grade GirlsBasketball - TravelCleburne Yellow Jackets- Whitehead - Burleson Fierce- Winn 
Sat 12/2/17Granbury - Acton Middle School4:00 PM6th Grade GirlsBasketball - TravelGranbury Tennery- Tennery - Godley- Roden 
Sat 12/2/17Joshua - 9th Grade3:00 PM3rd Grade BoysBasketball - TravelTexas Naturals- Manges - Burleson Thunder- Conrad 
Sat 12/2/17Joshua - 9th Grade4:00 PM5th Grade GirlsBasketball - TravelStorm Blue- Connelly - Dribbling Divas- Pool 
Sat 12/2/17Norwood Elementary8:00 AM6U BoysBasketballMoore 5/6U Boys - Levens 5/6U Boys 
Sat 12/2/17Norwood Elementary9:00 AM6U BoysBasketballStars - Lee 5/6U Boys - Moore 5/6U Boys 
Sat 12/2/17Norwood Elementary10:00 AM7U BoysBasketballBryan 7U Boys - Holbrooks 7U Boys 
Sat 12/2/17Norwood Elementary11:00 AM7U BoysBasketballSpartans - Thompson 7U Boys - Navigators 7U Boys 
Sat 12/2/17Norwood Elementary12:00 PM8U BoysBasketballLopez B8 - Tuggle B8 
Sat 12/2/17Norwood Elementary1:00 PM7U GirlsBasketballLightning 5-7U Girls - Tune Squad 5-7U Girls 
Sat 12/2/17Norwood Elementary2:00 PM7U GirlsBasketballGalaxy Girls 5-7U Girls - Lightning 5-7U Girls 
Sat 12/2/17Taylor Elementary8:00 AM6U BoysBasketballBlue Devils - Walker 5/6U Boys - Tigers - Carlson 5/6 Boys 
Sat 12/2/17Taylor Elementary9:00 AM6U BoysBasketballSeeton 5/6U Boys - Thunder - Pearce 5/6U Boys 
Sat 12/2/17Taylor Elementary10:00 AM7U BoysBasketballKnights 7U Boys - Burleson Heat - Bates 7U Boys 
Sat 12/2/17Taylor Elementary11:00 AM7U BoysBasketballAviators 7U Boys - McCarty 7U Boys 
Sat 12/2/17Taylor Elementary12:00 PM8U BoysBasketballBlack out - Pena-Bendfeldt B8 - Vipers - Johnson B8 
Sat 12/2/17Taylor Elementary1:00 PM7U GirlsBasketballWood 5-7U Girls - Shooting Stars 5-7U Girls