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Date Location Time League Sport Teams  View
Sat 10/20/18Appaloosa9:00 AM12USoftballChosen Generation - Lady Outlaws scoresheet
Sat 10/20/18Appaloosa10:30 AM12USoftballRed Hawks - Land Sharks scoresheet
Sat 10/20/18Appaloosa12:00 PM12USoftballRed Hawks - Thunderstix scoresheet
Sat 10/20/18Clydesdale (formerly Day Use 1)9:00 AM14/16/18USoftballGame 1: Blaze - Inferno scoresheet
Sat 10/20/18Clydesdale (formerly Day Use 1)10:30 AM14/16/18USoftballGame 2: Elite - Winner of Game 1 scoresheet
Sat 10/20/18Clydesdale (formerly Day Use 1)12:00 PM14/16/18USoftballGame 3: Loser of Game 2 - Loser of Game 1 scoresheet
Sat 10/20/18Clydesdale (formerly Day Use 1)1:30 PM14/16/18USoftballGame 4: Winner of Game 2 - Winner of Game 3 scoresheet
Sat 10/20/18Clydesdale (formerly Day Use 1)3:00 PM14/16/18USoftballGame 5: Winner of Game 4 - Loser of Game 4 scoresheet
Sat 10/20/18Kerr Pit Gym9:00 AM12u-18uVolleyballVoyagers- Smith - Vipers-Keim 
Sat 10/20/18Kerr Pit Gym10:30 AM10u-11uVolleyballAftershock-Miller - Net Ninjas- Majerus 
Sat 10/20/18Kerr Pit Gym12:00 PM7u-9uVolleyballDominators-Gage - Fierce Frogs-Stanton 
Sat 10/20/18Paint9:00 AM10USoftballGame 1: Shockwave - Her-ricanes scoresheet
Sat 10/20/18Paint10:30 AM10USoftballGame 2: Lady Red Socks - Rampage scoresheet
Sat 10/20/18Paint12:00 PM10USoftballGame 3: Explosion - Burleson Elite scoresheet
Sat 10/20/18Paint1:30 PM10USoftballGame 6: Loser of Game 2 - Loser of Game 3 scoresheet
Sat 10/20/18Paint3:00 PM10USoftballGame 4: Comets - Winner of Game 1 scoresheet
Sat 10/20/18Paint4:30 PM10USoftballGame 5: Winner of Game 2 - Winner of Game 3 scoresheet
Sat 10/20/18Roan9:00 AM8USoftballLady Bugs - Lady Rangers scoresheet
Sat 10/20/18Roan10:15 AM8USoftballBurleson Elite - Crush scoresheet
Sat 10/20/18Roan11:30 AM8USoftballExtreme Attitude - Storm scoresheet
Sat 10/20/18Roan12:45 PM8USoftballStorm - Lady Bugs scoresheet
Sat 10/20/18Shire (formerly Day Use 2)9:00 AM6USoftballGame 1: Ribbon Warriors - Rumble Ponies scoresheet
Sat 10/20/18Shire (formerly Day Use 2)10:00 AM6USoftballGame 2: Crush - Red Hots scoresheet
Sat 10/20/18Shire (formerly Day Use 2)11:30 AM6USoftballGame 4: Loser of Game 1 - Loser of Game 2 scoresheet
Sat 10/20/18Shire (formerly Day Use 2)12:45 PM6USoftballGame 3: Winner of Game 1 - Winner of Game 2 scoresheet