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Sat 9/23/17Appaloosa9:00 AM12U BroncoSoftballRage - Thunder Stix scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Appaloosa10:30 AM12U BroncoSoftballBlue Angels - Bomb Squad scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Appaloosa12:00 PM12U BroncoSoftballSavage - Lady Horns scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Buckskin9:00 AMBronco 12UBaseballSavage - Byrd - Outlaws - Reed scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Buckskin11:00 AMBronco 12UBaseballBulldogs - Carrollo - Storm Chasers - Russell scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Buckskin1:00 PMBronco 12UBaseballRailroaders - Boatman - Rage - Barnes scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Clydesdale (formerly Day Use 1)9:00 AM6U Shetland (T-Ball)SoftballCrush - Extreme Attitude scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Clydesdale (formerly Day Use 1)10:10 AM6U Shetland (T-Ball)SoftballWild Things - Texas Heat scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Clydesdale (formerly Day Use 1)11:20 AM8U Pinto (Coach Pitch)SoftballShockwave - Lil Giants scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Clydesdale (formerly Day Use 1)12:30 PM8U Pinto (Coach Pitch)SoftballCrush - Blaze scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Clydesdale (formerly Day Use 1)1:40 PM8U Pinto (Coach Pitch)SoftballShockwave - Blaze scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Clydesdale (formerly Day Use 1)2:50 PM8U Pinto (Coach Pitch)SoftballBurleson Blackouts - Lady Rangers scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Dartmoor9:00 AMPinto 7UBaseballBears - Ellis - Riders - Moore scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Dartmoor10:15 AMPinto 7UBaseballLions - Thompson - Vaders - McCarty scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Dartmoor11:30 AMPinto 7UBaseballPanthers - McLaughlin - Lions - Thompson scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Dartmoor12:45 PMPinto 7UBaseballCrushers - Busby - Bears - Ellis scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Dartmoor2:00 PMPinto 7UBaseballRebels - Harris - Riders - Moore scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Hackney9:00 AMPinto 8UBaseballBombers - Greene - Yard Birds - Curs scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Hackney10:15 AMPinto 8UBaseballYard Birds - Curs - Rampage - Carey scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Hackney11:30 AMPinto 8UBaseballTexans - Pearce - Rampage - Carey scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Hackney12:45 PMPinto 8UBaseballHoney Badgers - Stell - Lightning - Hayes scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Hackney2:00 PMPinto 8UBaseballHoney Badgers - Stell - Rangers - Barnes scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Highland9:00 AMShetland 5UBaseballWave - Thayer - Banditos - McCarty scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Highland10:15 AMShetland 5UBaseballPatriots - Strickland - Wave - Thayer scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Highland11:30 AMShetland 5UBaseballBoom - Cobb - Sluggers - Lawson scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Highland12:45 PMShetland 5UBaseballBanditos - McCarty - Raptors - Darst scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Highland2:00 PMShetland 5UBaseballSabers - Starkey - Sluggers - Lawson scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Hughes 7th A8:00 AM6th Grade FallVolleyballWood - Burleson Sole Black- Curs 
Sat 9/23/17Hughes 7th A9:00 AM6th Grade FallVolleyballBurleson Sole Black- Curs - Winn 
Sat 9/23/17Hughes 7th A3:00 PM4th/5th Grade FallVolleyballBodiford - Salazar 
Sat 9/23/17Hughes 7th A4:00 PM4th/5th Grade FallVolleyballBurleson Sole 4th-Curs - BYA 
Sat 9/23/17Hughes 7th B8:00 AM6th Grade FallVolleyballBurge - Burleson Sole Royal-Curs 
Sat 9/23/17Hughes 7th B3:00 PM4th/5th Grade FallVolleyballBurleson Sole 4th-Curs - Dolphins-McKeown/Cavet 
Sat 9/23/17Hughes 7th B4:00 PM4th/5th Grade FallVolleyballBurleson Sole 5th-Curs - Dolphins-McKeown/Cavet 
Sat 9/23/17Hughes 8th8:00 AM7th-12th Grade FallVolleyballRouse - Clevidence 
Sat 9/23/17Hughes 8th9:00 AM7th-12th Grade FallVolleyballDurham - Clevidence 
Sat 9/23/17Hughes 8th10:00 AM7th-12th Grade FallVolleyballBurleson Sole-Curs - Wild Ones-Woods 
Sat 9/23/17Hughes 8th11:00 AM7th-12th Grade FallVolleyballRouse - Wilkins 
Sat 9/23/17Morgan9:00 AMBronco 12UBaseballSluggers - Bacon - Cyclones - Winchester scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Morgan11:00 AMBronco 12UBaseballSluggers - Bacon - Lobos - Rios scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Morgan1:00 PMBronco 12UBaseballThunder - Cox - Bandits - Jameson scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Norwood Elementary9:00 AMK-3rd FallVolleyballCollins - Keim 
Sat 9/23/17Norwood Elementary10:00 AMK-3rd FallVolleyballTexas Girls-Powell - Pittman 
Sat 9/23/17Norwood Elementary11:00 AMK-3rd FallVolleyballBurleson Sole-Curs - Texas Girls-Powell 
Sat 9/23/17Paint9:00 AM10U MustangSoftballBurleson Elite - Wicked scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Paint10:30 AM10U MustangSoftballRed Hawks - Shockwave scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Paint12:00 PM10U MustangSoftballSassy Sluggers - Thunder Stix scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Paint1:30 PM10U MustangSoftballLady Outlaws - E-lemon-ators scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Palomino9:00 AMMustang 9UBaseballFlash-Parnell - Athletics-Boatman scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Palomino10:45 AMMustang 9UBaseballCyclones-Winnett - Thunder-Cox scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Palomino12:30 PMMustang 9UBaseballGiants-Morgan - Pythons-Riggs scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Paso Fino9:00 AMMustang 10UBaseballVenom-Grijalva - Rangers-Vernon scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Paso Fino10:45 AMMustang 10UBaseballYard Dawgs-Almand - Blue Sox-Dunn scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Paso Fino12:30 PMMustang 9UBaseballWarriors-Morton - Titans-Lindsey scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Quarter9:00 AMPony 14UBaseballMudcats - Petherbridge - Outlaws - Ingram scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Quarter11:00 AMPony 14UBaseballRebels - Wurzbach - Sluggers - Rome scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Quarter1:00 PMPony 14UBaseballSluggers - Rome - Rebels - Wurzbach scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Roan9:00 AM16U/18U ColtSoftballBlaze - Diamond Divas scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Roan10:30 AM16U/18U ColtSoftballInferno - Total Chaos scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Roan12:00 PM16U/18U ColtSoftballDiamond Divas - Total Chaos scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Roan1:30 PM16U/18U ColtSoftballInferno - Blaze scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Shire (formerly Day Use 2)9:00 AMGrapefruitBaseballRibbon Warriors SB - Frank - Scorpions SB - Wyrick scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Shire (formerly Day Use 2)11:00 AMGrapefruitBaseballDynamites BB - Montoya - Pirates BB - Kirbi scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Shire (formerly Day Use 2)12:00 PMGrapefruitBaseballCubs BB - Shaw - Bat Attitudes BB - Harris scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Welsh9:00 AMShetland 6UBaseballVenom - Pearce - Blue Devils - Calahan scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Welsh10:15 AMShetland 6UBaseballBall Patrol - Everett - Snipers - Balch scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Welsh11:30 AMShetland 6UBaseballOutlaws - Hinson - Ball Patrol - Everett scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Welsh12:45 PMShetland 6UBaseballVenom - Pearce - Snipers - Balch scoresheet
Sat 9/23/17Welsh2:00 PMShetland 6UBaseballBlue Devils - Calahan - Frogs - Weaver scoresheet