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Date Location Time League Sport Teams  View
Sat 11/17/18Camelot Court #19:00 AMBoys 2nd GradeBasketball - YouthFrontier Thunder - Pioneer Cavaliers scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Camelot Court #110:00 AMGirls 1st gradeBasketball - YouthFrontier Liberty - Recreation Sky scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Camelot Court #111:00 AMGirls 2nd GradeBasketball - YouthPioneer Pacers - Frontier Heat scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Camelot Court #112:00 PMBoys 1st GradeBasketball - YouthRecreation Cavaliers - Recreation Lakers scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Camelot Court #29:00 AMBoys 1st GradeBasketball - YouthRecreation Bucks - Camelot Heat scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Camelot Court #210:00 AMBoys 2nd GradeBasketball - YouthPioneer Grizzlies - Camelot Celtics scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Camelot Court #211:00 AMBoys 2nd GradeBasketball - YouthRecreation Trailblazers - Recreation Clippers scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Camelot Full Court1:00 PMGirls 3rd GradeBasketball - YouthRecreation Heat - Camelot Lakers scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Camelot Full Court2:00 PMGirls 3rd GradeBasketball - YouthFrontier Raptors - Recreation Thunder scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Camelot Full Court3:00 PMGirls 4th/5th GradeBasketball - YouthRecreation Timberwolves - Pioneer Pistons scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Pioneer 19:00 AMBoys 1st GradeBasketball - YouthCamelot Nets - Recreation Raptors scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Pioneer 110:00 AMGirls 2nd GradeBasketball - YouthRecreation Suns - Recreation Dream scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Pioneer 111:00 AMBoys 2nd GradeBasketball - YouthFrontier Bulls - Pioneer Wizards scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Pioneer 112:00 PMBoys 2nd GradeBasketball - YouthCamelot Pacers - Recreation Rockets scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Pioneer 29:00 AMBoys 1st GradeBasketball - YouthPioneer Suns - Frontier Rockets scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Pioneer 210:00 AMBoys 2nd GradeBasketball - YouthPioneer Warriors - Camelot Spurs scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Pioneer 211:00 AMGirls 2nd GradeBasketball - YouthPioneer Lakers - Pioneer Spurs scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Pioneer 212:00 PMGirls 1st gradeBasketball - YouthRecreation Storm - Camelot Stars scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Pioneer Gym1:00 PMGirls 4th/5th GradeBasketball - YouthCamelot Sky - Camelot Bucks scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Pioneer Gym2:00 PMGirls 3rd GradeBasketball - YouthRecreation Liberty - Pioneer Knicks scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Pioneer Gym3:00 PMGirls 4th/5th GradeBasketball - YouthRecreation Spurs - Pioneer Bulls scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Poe School9:00 AMGirls 3rd GradeBasketball - YouthPioneer Magic - Pioneer Pelicans scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Poe School10:00 AMGirls 3rd GradeBasketball - YouthPioneer Clippers - Recreation Pacers scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Poe School11:00 AMGirls 3rd GradeBasketball - YouthCamelot Suns - Recreation Nets scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Poe School12:00 PMGirls 4th/5th GradeBasketball - YouthPioneer Heat - Recreation Jazz scoresheet
Sat 11/17/18Poe School1:00 PMGirls 4th/5th GradeBasketball - YouthCamelot Nuggets - Recreation Warriors scoresheet