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Varsity Girls

2017 Southwest Salsa Slam  -  Basketball

Pool Play Standings
PCT = Winning Percentage

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Tournament Bracket

1st [A1] NM Clippers
2nd [B1] Lady Bulldawgz
3rd [G2] NM Select
3rd [F2] Navajo Nation Elite
5th [A2] Lady Magic
5th [E1] Scorpion Ballers
5th [G1] Amarillo Lady Mixx
5th [F1] DC Queens
9th [E2] Colorado Prospects
9th [C1] Colorado Combined 2019
9th [C2] Running Rebels
9th [C3] Chizzy Knees
9th [D1] Lady Heat
9th [B2] Panthers
9th [F3] Academy of Hoops
9th [D3] Kirtland Fusion
17th [G3] New Mexico Blackhawks
17th [D2] South Central Elite
17th [E3] NA Natives
17th [B3] Phase One
17th [A3] Jegos
[A1] NM Clippers   66

Game 9

[A1] NM Clippers   45
[B3] Phase One   41

Game 14


Game 1

[C3] Chizzy Knees   53
[C3] Chizzy Knees   91
[A1] NM Clippers   55

Game 18

[A2] Lady Magic   41

Game 6

[A2] Lady Magic   19
[B2] Panthers   30
[A1] NM Clippers   47

Game 20

[D1] Lady Heat   53

Game 10

[F2] Navajo Nation Elite   43
[F2] Navajo Nation Elite   63

Game 15


Game 2

[F2] Navajo Nation Elite   68
[G3] New Mexico Blackhawks   61
[F2] Navajo Nation Elite   41
[E1] Scorpion Ballers   25

Game 11

[D2] South Central Elite   43
[E1] Scorpion Ballers   39

Game 3

[F3] Academy of Hoops   19
[F3] Academy of Hoops   49
[A1] NM Clippers 
[B1] Lady Bulldawgz   39

Game 12

[B1] Lady Bulldawgz   37
[A3] Jegos   48

Game 16


Game 4

[D3] Kirtland Fusion   22
[D3] Kirtland Fusion   59
[B1] Lady Bulldawgz   41

Game 19

[G1] Amarillo Lady Mixx   40

Game 7

[G1] Amarillo Lady Mixx   36
[C2] Running Rebels   23
[B1] Lady Bulldawgz   28
[C1] Colorado Combined 2019   37

Game 13

[G2] NM Select   46
[G2] NM Select   56

Game 17


Game 5

[G2] NM Select   47
[E3] NA Natives   41
[G2] NM Select   37
[F1] DC Queens   25

Game 8

[F1] DC Queens   41
[E2] Colorado Prospects   14

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