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North Richland Girls Softball League


10U Division

Fall 2017  -  Softball - Fastpitch

NRGSL teams in this division are responsible for reporting game scores regardless of win/loss.  Send email with game date/time, team name, opponent and final score to scores@nrgsl.com
Regular Season Schedule & Results
Week Date TimeLocation Home  Away 
Week 1Sat 9/9/179:00 AMWalker's F2 Nitro Vipers
 Sat 9/9/1710:30 AMWalker's F2 Vipers Nitro
Week 2Sat 9/16/179:00 AMWalker's F4 Vipers Flair
 Sat 9/16/1710:30 AMWalker's F1 Vipers Tigers
 Sat 9/16/1712:00 PMWalker's F1 Nitro HERicanes
Week 3Sat 9/23/1712:00 PMChisholm F4 Fillies Nitro
 Sat 9/23/171:30 PMChisholm F4 Texas Heat Vipers
Week 4Sat 9/30/173:00 PMChisholm F4 Vipers Fillies
Week 5Sat 10/7/179:00 AMWalker's F2 Vipers Swat
 Sat 10/7/173:00 PMChisholm F3 Shockers Nitro
Week 6Tue 10/10/177:15 PMColleyville F2 Nitro Tigers
 Sat 10/14/1710:30 AMChisholm F3 Swat Nitro
 Sat 10/14/1712:00 PMChisholm F3 Gators Vipers
 Sat 10/14/1712:00 PMChisholm F4 Texas Heat Nitro
Week 7Sat 10/21/1710:30 AMChisholm F3 Gators Nitro
 Sat 10/21/171:30 PMChisholm F3 Fillies Vipers
Week 8Sat 10/28/1710:30 AMColleyville F2 Nitro Flair
 Sat 10/28/1712:00 PMChisholm F4 Shockers Vipers
Week 9Sat 11/4/1710:30 AMColleyville F2 Vipers HERicanes
 Sat 11/4/171:30 PMChisholm F4 Nitro Gators

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