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Field Conditions Report
 Updated for LEAGUE play on weekdays at 4:30pm, 7:30am on Saturdays, 12:00pm on Sundays.
Tournaments or rental information is listed below for weekends when applicable.
Please check back after this time for official field status. 
April 28th, 2017
Fields Playable     Fields Closed


 Complex/Field Status     Complex/Field Status     Complex/Field Status

Bettis Family Sports Complex





Lake Shawnee Girls Softball Complex



    TBSA Baseball





 Pee Wee #1 Field


     Field #1    
     Field A


 Pee Wee #2 Field  


     Field #2          Field B


 Harold North Field  


     Field #3


     Field C   


 Jim Parrish Field  


     Field #4   


     Field D


 Jerry Robertson Field  
     Instructional A  
    TBSA Softball Complex



         Instructional B  
 Pony Field  


     Shawnee South Complex


     Field #1


Multipurpose Field(s)


     Shawnee South Field #1  


     Field #2  


Gage Park Field #1  


     Shawnee South Field #2        Field #3  
Felker Complex


    Rueger Complex


    Shawnee North Complex  


 Felker #1
     Rueger #1   

Games have been moved to field #4.

     Field #1  

Game has been moved to field #2.

 Felker #2        Rueger #2  


     Field #2  


 Felker #3        Rueger #3  


     Field #3  


 Felker #4        Rueger #4  



     Field #4  
 Felker - Soccer
               Soccer Tykes  
Sand Volleyball Courts   




Oakland-Billard and

Santa Fe Complex




     Soccer Junior
Gage Park Sand Volleyball  


    Oakland/Billard East        Soccer Intermediate  
Lake Shawnee Sand Volleyball  


    Oakland/Billard West        Crestview Field  



Crestview Sand Volleyball       Oakland/Billard Mustang          


Shawnee North Sand Volleyball       Santa Fe Field 1          
        Santa Fe Field 2          



Thanks for playing with Shawnee County Parks & Rec!


Athletics Hotline number: 785-251-4938 

Please remember to check all rainouts on your schedule. The makeup dates will be highlighted with the original scheduled date in the comments. If you have questions or concerns please contact one of our league offices.

Email/Text Notification
Shawnee County Athletics now has the capability to email and text sports notifications to 4 members of each team. The head coach will receive an email once the league schedules are released; please follow the email instructions on how to create a Quickscores account. As head coach, you can sign up 3 additional players or coaches to receive notifications. Please email their information to prathletics@snco.us. Please include the following information in the email.
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