4U, 5U, & 6U T-BALL
Opening Day for Fall Baseball is
September 16th
Season Ending Tournament Starts on November 11th.
Cost is $90 for 05U and above (baseball and softball) and $55 for 04U. 
Your entry fee covers your team jersey and hat. The other equipment (glove, cleats, bat and helmet) and uniform parts (pants, belt and socks) are the parents responsibility to provide. The equipment will be needed for tryouts. The uniform parts won’t be purchased until after your child is assigned to a team, so that you know what colors to get.
The "Age Determination Date" for our baseball divisions is 04/30/2018.
What that means to you as a parent: When you register your child, their age as of the above date will determine which age group they play in. Our divisions are all set up in an "and Under" format (i.e. 10U is 10 and under).
For Baseball (all levels), we will allow barrel sizes up to 2 3/4, it must have a "BPF 1.15" marking on the barrel. At 12U and 14U, some kids might be using bats that have BBCOR (instead of the 1.15) on the barrel. Those are acceptable as well.
Rule Change 
We made a rule change at our last meeting that would allow some players to play "up" one age level.
Please click on the rules link above, or here to see the requirements
*** Tryout Info ***
Tryouts are a come and go format, meaning you don't have to be at the park the full stated times. Those times are when we are there for tryouts.
  • The tryout itself consists of the kids getting the opportunity to hit multiple pitches, run to first, catch grounders and fly balls (usually at the shortstop position) and make the throws over to first base.
  • Kids will need their glove, helmet and bat. If they are short any / all of the previous, in most cases they can borrow from someone else there.
  • The tryout itself doesn't take all that long, but depending on the number who show up at a similar time, waiting for your opportunity can take a while. Please be patient with us.
  • 04U is the only division that does not tryout. All other players must tryout (including manager's kids) in order to be drafted by any manager. If a player does not tryout, they will be placed onto a team. (This is referred to as "going into the hat")
  • If you have already registered AND PAID, you will proceed directly to your tryout field to check-in and receive your ID sticker. All registration / payments will be made at the central tables, located at the concession stand at the Moore St fields. 

Key Dates
  • Online Registration open now.
  • Early Bird pricing runs from 07/23 - 08/12 ($10 off for 5U and above, $5 off for 4U)
  • August 12 In person sign-ups
  • Aug 22 & 24 - Baseball tryouts for 8U-14U
  • Aug 26 - Softball and T-ball(6U only) tryouts
  • Sept 16 - Season Starts
NOTE on Tryouts and Drafts: All kids make a team. The tryouts are a way for all coaches to see all the kids to ensure that when teams are drafted, they can be as fair as possible. Also, the 04U division DOES NOT try out. At the draft, the 04U division is the only one where Team / Manager requests are honored. In all other divisions, requests for ride share / play with / play for are not guaranteed unless the individuals live in the same household. 
Field Reservations
To Reserve a field for practice at City Park or Moore St.
contact Maggie Wylie 817-894-1926