Parent Meeting

Parent Meeting Notes

  1. Intro

    1. Welcome to another season of Decatur Fastpitch Softball.  2017 finished strong and we look forward to a great time this year.  Thank you for participating and being a valuable part of the league.

  2. Goal/Purpose of League

    1. To aid in the development of character through Softball

      1. responsibility, sportsmanship, teamwork, self-control, respect, etc.

  3. Player participation

    1. It is the League’s expectation that ALL players attend and participate in all practices and games.  It is the player’s parent/legal guardian’s responsibility to notify their respective Manager/Coach  twenty-four (24) hours in advance of missing a scheduled practice or game due to non-school related functions , illness, or other reason(s).  Missing scheduled practices or games without prior Manager approval will result in lack of playing time in the next available game in which that player can participate.

  4. All Stars

    1. 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 15U

    2. The purpose of All Stars is to assemble those players who have exhibited exceptional talent, sportsmanship and teamwork throughout the regular season to represent the league in Pre-Area, Area, state and national USSSA tournament competition.

    3. Any player selected and chooses to play on the All Star team which fails to fulfill their duties as a player on the All Star team for any reason other than for a medical condition/illness, will be deemed ineligible and removed from consideration in future All Star drafts for a period of two (2) years.

  5. Finances

    1. Started with $

    2. Set a reserve/emergency fund of $5,000

    3. Extra money will go toward field and equipment improvements

      1. Batting Cages/ Park improvements

      2. equipment

  6. Updates for the Spring 2018 Season

    1. Players provide game pants (color determined by each team)

  7. Needs of league

    1. Volunteers

    2. Coaches

    3. 8U Commissioner & Treasurer

  8. Coaches Meeting -

    1. MANDATORY for all coaches

    2. Jan. 28, 2018 2:00-4:00 pm

      1. All volunteers are welcome to this meeting

    3. Feb 8 - Head Coaches only - Draft for the 2018 season

      1. Westmeade Baptist Church

      2. rules, draft, evaluations, etc.

      3. 6U Draft 5:30pm
      4. 8U Draft 6pm
      5. 10U Draft 7pm
      6. 12U Draft 8pm
  9. Evaluations  

    1. all players must attend

    2. Feb 3

    3. 8U - 9am

    4. 10U - 10am

    5. 12U - 11am

    6. 15U - Noon

    7. Make-ups Feb 4 at 2pm

  10. Practice and Games

    1. Practice starts Feb 12

    2. Opening Day March 10

  11. Field Work day:

    1. Feb 24, rainout Mar. 3

    2. Need

      1. weed eaters, edgers with fuel

      2. 3 -4 pressure washers with fuel

      3. shovels, rakes

      4. wheelbarrows

  12. Payment due at registration.  Child will not participate in evaluations until payment received.